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Member Awards

The Institute recognises outstanding achievements by giving awards to Members who, in the opinion of the Board, have made outstanding, specific contributions to the advancement of Agriculture.

Awards issued are as follows (for more information regarding guidelines for each award please click on the AIA Award Criteria link):

» The Australian Medal of Agricultural Science

» Fellow of Ag Institute Australia

» Young Professionals in Agriculture

» Post Graduate Travel Bursary

The Jim McColl AIA Young Consultant Award

AIA Award Criteria


Fellows of the AIA elected in 2017

Bruce Robinson FAIA.  

Bruce Robinson has made a lengthy and sound contribution to agricultural industry development in two
states and across a range of agricultural industries. He has provided services as a private consultant and as a senior policy officer in government. His contribution has included business planning for
individual farm businesses and strategic advice for R,D&E programs directed at building efficiencies
and resilience in the agricultural sector.

Throughout his career, Bruce has been a passionate and active participant in the Ag Institute of Australia. His involvement has involved lengthy periods working on Divisional Committees in Tasmania and Western Australia, and he has been President of both these Divisions. In these roles he has
encouraged people to join the Institute, developed strategic plans for divisional operations, led and supported activities undertaken for members and others, and contributed to the effective and efficient workings of the Divisional Committees.

His long period of effective and committed service to agriculture and the Institute make him a worthy recipient of a Fellowship of the Ag Institute of Australia.

Robert Velthuis FAIA. 

Robert Velthuis has been involved in Australian agriculture for over 35 years. He has successfully blended practical hands-on work in applied agriculture with close farmer involvement with a balanced academic vigor, with over thirty-eight published papers to date.

With qualifications in agricultural science, economics and agribusiness, Rob has held a variety of roles since first commencing with the Dept. of Agriculture Victoria and a foundation member of the Birchip Group in the Mallee. He became a paid-up member of the AIA in 1981 and his ongoing, energetic and dedicated hands-on involvement in the Victorian Division of the AIA is an exemplary role model to its members.

Most recently Rob has become the main driving-and-sustaining-force behind the successful launching of the AIA Victorian Division Bendigo Hub. This group has progressed from strength to strength with rising attendances at its bi-monthly meetings. Rob has, as the group’s core, the driving force of mutually perceived self-interest that not only attracts Institute members but also a wide range of individuals in-and-related-to agriculture as well. This “Bendigo Model” now acts as the guidance ‘template’ for the expansion of the hub model in other areas of Victoria. Other Divisions are also showing an interest in this model to potentially adopt in their states to grow AIA engagement.

During his career Rob has also shown commendable involvement with long-term community projects as a volunteer ‘influencer’. The Greater Bendigo Region Light Rail Public Transport System, now under serious consideration by the State Government, is merely one example of his energetic social benefit efforts.

Robert G. Velthuis has a quiet, unassuming manner that belies his inner strengths. He is an outstanding operator who has served his profession, wider community, and the AIA very well. He is a deserving recipient of the award of Fellow of the AIA.

AIA Historical Award Winners

Click on the link below for a list of all Ag Institute Australia's Fellow & Medal award winners and the year in which they received the award.

AIA Historical Award Winners

Post Graduate Travel Bursary 2017 Winner - Emily Buddle

I was lucky enough to be the recipient of the Ag Institute of Australia’s Postgraduate Travel Bursary to attend the International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICoMST) in Cork, Ireland, and the European Association of Animal Science (EAAP) annual meeting in Tallinn, Estonia. At ICoMST I was invited to present a poster and EAAP I was invited to give a 15-minute presentation. Both these presentations were centred around Australian consumer attitudes to the transportation and slaughter of sheep and beef cattle, which are some of the results from my PhD research.

At ICoMST, it was fascinating to hear about the advances in meat science research across a multitude of species, but also how simple things such as the definition of red meat are being problematic at an academic level. A highlight of ICoMST would be the opportunity to hear Temple Grandin speak about monitoring on-farm welfare problems at the slaughter plant, but also to listen to Fredric Leroy’s presentation titled “Humans and meat: a story of love and hate” as it strongly relates to my PhD topic. A highlight of EAAP was the exciting discussion about how animal production can contribute to food integrity during the EAAP and Animal Task Force special session. The presentation from Ellen Goddard about consumer attitudes towards livestock products was of particular interest.

It was a great, eye-opening experience to attend such large conferences. It was also incredibly exciting to be able to showcase my own PhD results and to see where my ‘piece of the puzzle’ fits in the grand scheme of the meat production space. Outside of the conferences, it was also great to experience first-hand the meat products and animal production in the UK and Europe after reading so much about attitudes towards animal welfare in that region.

I would like to thank the AIA for the support to attend these conferences. As many others can attest to, being able to present at international conferences is a privilege and a highlight of a PhD candidate.



External Awards

NAB Agribusiness Awards For Excellence

NAB Agribusiness Awards are a highlight of Australia’s agribusiness calendar and are now recognised as the premier awards event for corporate and individual achievement within the agribusiness, food, fibre and beverage sectors.

Monash University and NAB Agribusiness are proud to unite and present the Awards, as this continues to demonstrate their long-term commitment to agribusiness. The vision for the Awards is to help the sector fully realise its future potential, by fostering excellence, innovation and leadership.

The NAB Agribusiness Awards for Excellence recognise and reward outstanding achievement in a number of categories including:

  • Agribusiness Leader of the Year Award
  • Primary Producer of the Year Award
  • Export Award
  • Innovation in New and Emerging Industries Award
  • Technology and Innovation Award
  • Environment and Energy Management Award
  • Rural Enterprise Award
  • Agribusiness Employer of Choice Award
  • Risk Management Award
  • Governance Award

The AIA is a proud to sponsor of the Technology and Innovation Award.