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Member Awards

The Institute recognises outstanding achievements by giving awards to Members who, in the opinion of the Board, have made outstanding, specific contributions to the advancement of Agriculture.

Awards issued are as follows (for more information regarding guidelines for each award please click on the AIA Award Criteria link):

» The Australian Medal of Agricultural Science pdf

» Fellow of the Australian Institute of Ag Institute Australia pdf

» Young Professionals in Agriculture pdf

» Post Graduate Travel Bursary - NEW!

AIA Award Criteria

Nominations for the above awards need to be based on the award guidelines and must be endorsed by four (4) financial members of the Ag Institute Australia.  Nominations must be submitted on the appropriate Nomination Form and include the following:

  • Academic Record
  • Resume
  • Details of Outstanding Contribution
  • Supporting Information - Publications
  • Participation History in Ag Institute Australia Affairs.


Fellows of the AIA elected in 2016

William (Bill) Long FAIA.  

Bill Long is an exceptional, professional agricultural practitioner who researches and extends topical crop management information into the farming agricultural community.

He is an extremely active participant in local, state and interstate rural groups such as Alkaline Soils Groups, GRDC Advisor Update Panel member, often being an early responder in seeking answers to cropping pests such as the Snail Action Management Group. He has fostered the development of many smaller interest groups and facilitates adoption of relevant sound farming practices. Bill’s contribution to improving networks between farmers and advisors, encouraging exchange of ideas and farm business synergies, has led the way. His ability to mentor young and experienced practitioners alike has led to improved productivity and viability of many farms.

Bill has been a member of Agricultural Technologists Association and, following the merger, the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology for most of his career. He has been a strong promoter of the activities of the SA Division.

David Brown FAIA. 

David Brown is one of the profession’s quiet achievers. He is a leading and innovative producer of a wide range of crops and livestock in the South East of SA.

He has been active in representing rural industries  and communities at local and state level including the Advisory Board of Agriculture, GRDC Irrigated Crops  Panel, Bendigo Community Bank, and the AW Howard Trust.

He is dedicated to proper resource management as indicated by his membership of local Soil and Water Management Boards. His professional consultancy has included a large component of helping and training others to provide expert, timely advice to clients. This includes his mentoring of young graduates entering the commercial agronomy agribusiness field. David has been a member of AIA for most of his career and is a strong advocate for its goals and a regular participant in its functions.

AIA Historical Award Winners

Click on the link below for a list of all Ag Institute Australia's Fellow & Medal award winners and the year in which they received the award.

AIA Historical Award Winners

External Awards

NAB Agribusiness Awards For Excellence

NAB Agribusiness Awards are a highlight of Australia’s agribusiness calendar and are now recognised as the premier awards event for corporate and individual achievement within the agribusiness, food, fibre and beverage sectors.

Monash University and NAB Agribusiness are proud to unite and present the Awards, as this continues to demonstrate their long-term commitment to agribusiness. The vision for the Awards is to help the sector fully realise its future potential, by fostering excellence, innovation and leadership.

The NAB Agribusiness Awards for Excellence recognise and reward outstanding achievement in a number of categories including:

  • Agribusiness Leader of the Year Award
  • Primary Producer of the Year Award
  • Export Award
  • Innovation in New and Emerging Industries Award
  • Technology and Innovation Award
  • Environment and Energy Management Award
  • Rural Enterprise Award
  • Agribusiness Employer of Choice Award
  • Risk Management Award
  • Governance Award

The AIA is a proud to sponsor of the Technology and Innovation Award.