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Code Of Ethics

The quality of work performed by agriculturalists depends on their competence and the values they hold with respect to the community and environment in which they operate.

Members of the Institute should reflect in their professional conduct a society that values honesty, constructive criticism, open timely communication, provides working environments that support integrity and equality, and encourages adherence to the highest professional standards.

Members of the Institute employed by particular organisations such as the CSIRO, universities, state departments and most private companies will be largely governed in their professional and business activities by codes of conduct for those particular organisations.

The Institute's Code of Ethics adopts common principles of fairness and equity for all members and provides for more specific guidance for members who are self-employed or who work for organisations which do not have formal codes of conduct.

» Download AIA Code of Ethics pdf.

Ethics Comittee 2019-20

Chair Chris Russell
Committee` Turlough Guerin
Committee Peter Finlayson
Committee Robert Patterson
Committee Peter Allsopp