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From the Director - Ag enrolments up

Tue 16, Mar 2021


Across Australia in 2021, there has been a mini-boom in agricultural science enrolments in universities; ranging from five to 100 per cent increase in student numbers at various institutions.

The Federal Government announced in June 2020 that agriculture students would pay 62% less for their degrees. The student contribution for 2021 is $3,700, almost $6,000 less than in 2020. However, due to the reduced student contribution, there will be a gap between what the universities receive to deliver the course and the actual cost, meaning that agriculture will be worse off by $3,500 per student. 

The agriculture and food industry have also had a mini-boom with the end of the drought and the sudden realisation of the importance of the food system in Australia during COVID-19 lockdowns. Not only is the level of interest in agriculture-related university degrees on the rise, the employment outlook is favourable, with four to five jobs available for every graduate.

Agricultural employment is certainly more resilient to pandemic shocks compared to the hospitality and tourism industries.


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