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Agricultural Consultants Register

The Australian Association of Agricultural Consultants (AAAC) is a Special Interest Group within the AIAST which represents the interests of professional agricultural and natural resource consultants in Australia.

AAAC Consultants and Advisers in agri-industry and allied natural resource areas are professionals who provide a high standard of advice and abide by a code of ethics. The Membership Committee of AAAC is responsible for assessing applications from consultants and recommending whether an application meets the requirements for membership or, in the case of less experienced consultants, provisional membership.  Consultants must be full members to be admitted to the Consultant's Register. It is also a requirement that AAAC members retain membership of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology.

AAAC provides members with professional support services including specialist training opportunities, regular seminars and conferences on technical and business issues. It also represents members to government and non-government bodies. Through the AAAC Consultant Register, clients are able to access the most suitable professional input for their particular situation.

Professional Competence

Consultant members are bound by rules of conduct established to protect the interests of clients and members of the profession and to maintain the highest standards of expertise and ethical standards. Full details of the Code of Ethics may be obtained from the Institute National Office.  The Code is supported by a set of detailed procedures and a Committee bound to respect the confidentiality of the matter and the interests of all parties to any dispute.

The Code effectively:


Consultant Members of AAAC have maintained a level of professional competence by subscribing to CPAg - Certified Practising Agriculturalist offered by AIAST to those members who wish to have their commitment to professional development recognized.  It is anticipated that CPAg will be replaced by AgCredited -  a more rigorous third party accreditation scheme.  For further details of AgCredited please refer to the Professional Development section of this website.